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Faith and Sports Training

Navigating your young athlete's journey

Designed as an eight-week training that leads to a cohort where families serve families.

So, you’ve signed your child up to play a sport!  You are excited to see improved athletic skills, teamwork, and hard work – even in adversity.  This season will have times of celebration and disappointment, wins and losses, bumps and bruises, correct calls and missed calls, and many road miles and hotel stays if your child is on a travel team. This is the journey of a young athlete and family. 


But sometimes, that journey conflicts with the normal church rhythms your family has always experienced.  How do we respond to those who question our commitment? How do we follow God’s game plan – that His disciples multiply, and His Kingdom comes to earth as it is in heaven? How do we live intentionally to share Christ through the sports season?


This 8-week equipping class will look through a Biblical lens to:

  1. Provide an understanding of the purpose of competition and our unique identity in sport.

  2. Explore the history of sport and the Church.

  3. Understand why your Church desires to equip families in youth sports to be “salt and light.”

  4. Learn practical ways you and your child can follow Jesus’ example to love, serve, and share with those you connect with in and through sport. 

Content Overview

The content shared below supports the eight-week training that is delivered face-to-face. This supporting material will enhance your experience if you are part of the training. If you are not part of the training, these resources will hopefully convince you to host a training. You can request an eight-week training hosted at your Church or organization by filling out this interest form.

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