Our Work

A coach’s role is on and off the field is critical at the youth level as players rely on them for structure and guidance.  Like parents or teachers, coaches can be hugely influential in helping kids learn about themselves, build relationships with others, and overcome obstacles. Training coaches to do this effectively in the context of the Great Commission is our work.



Major Sports Event

North America is hosting the World Cup of Soccer in 2026 and then the Summer Olympics in 2028. These two major sports events provide a significant opportunity for multiplying disciple making coaches and teams across Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


Changing Sport

Through strategies like Totalfit the way fitness and sport are being coached is being changed from the inside. Olympic coaches, professional coaches, and sports businesses are being equipped to coach and train the body, mind, and spirit.



Changing Lives

As a coach I'm impacting more lives in one year than most people impact in one lifetime. The lessons learned on the field and off the field serve as the foundation for equipping coaches changing lives.