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Hey There

A few coaches stood out to me in my athletic career. My first coach was my Dad. He taught me competence through learning a skill, having self-confidence, connecting with those around me, and caring for others. Not just through word by deed. He lived what he preached. My Dad is also a missionary.

All About Me

In 1993 I began building youth enrichment programs through sports in urban Atlanta. This work culminated in the 1996 Summer Olympics. After that, I moved to Salt Lake City to build sports outreach programs for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Then I began Sports Serve to equip sports leaders to change lives. 


Sports are often among the top 5 most influential experiences in a child's life—a serious responsibility. I have positioned Sports Serve to equip sports leaders to change lives in North America and worldwide. Your support provides training to fill the gap between what they can access and what is needed to equip them to change lives.

Some estimate that the United States has 3.5 million youth sports coaches. All but a few of these coaches have disciple multiplication training. But unfortunately, most fail to understand (and are often not informed) that their responsibility extends beyond simply showing up for practices and games.

To serve these coaches and the 20% of the population in North America who participate in sports, I'm building teams of sports leaders working together to accomplish The Great Commission, to make and multiply disciples. These sports leaders are learning to listen to each other and pray together. I'm serving them by forming the North American Sport Movement, which connects sports leaders, builds capacity, and multiplies disciples and teams through sports, play, and fitness. Your support makes this possible.

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