It's not OK not to THRIVE!


Parents overwhelmingly cite personal and social values when describing their hopes for their children in playing sport. But they are uncertain if sport overall is reaching its full potential in contributing to society's values. With bully parents, athletes who are not role models, coaches who are abusive and sports administrators who are increasingly focused on their own survival rather than protecting the athletes under their care, and you have a society in conflict over how sports has become so toxic.


"I founded Sports Serve to serve every athlete, coach and sports leader through mentoring. Sports have always been part of my life. Sports served as my pathway to a scholarship in college. Sports served as my pathway to play semi-professionaly. In 1993 I began building sports leagues to help urban youth learn life lessons through sport. Today I'm the parent of an elite athlete. I also coach youth sport professionally. It is my goal to deliver the best sports mentor platform because those involved in sport deserve to thrive."


Dan Williams, Founder, Sports Serve

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