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Your Guide To Serve In Sports

Problem-solving is made easy.

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The greatest lesson I've learned since starting my first non-profit in 1993 is to always walk with someone. Influential leaders are passionate about learning and growing. And there's something significant about connecting with others who want to learn and grow as you do.

When I started working to build enrichment sports programs for at-risk youth in 1993, some leaders could have helped me, but I found it challenging to find them. And I'm sure there were successful models to follow, but I couldn't find them. So that is when I decided I would one day develop something to serve future sports leaders.


Dan Williams, Founder

Never Walk Alone

Today a network of sports leaders, coaches, athletes, and administrators are working together to serve through the North American Sports Movement. These leaders have seen models that work and ones that don't work. These leaders build partnerships through training, networking, and mentoring, so you don't have to do it alone.

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