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Your guide on your journey in sport.

We are here to partner to serve

Sports Serve has been building a movemtn for sports transformation in North America that began in 1993. Our founder realized that servant leadership was the key. This realization came as the result of joining a global sports movement who's vision had spread to all four corners of the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people transform their family, team, and community to partner to serve in the world of sport and play.

Partner to serve

It is time for parents, coaches, and athletes on their journey in sports to be courageous. We support them to dare to multiply Biblical values like compassion, belief, and self-control.

Our resources and tools come from a toolbox that began to be currated in 1969 and is being used by global sports leaders in 242 countries, islands, and territories. These resources and tools are open-source and can be easily adapted and integrated for use by your family, team, and community.

A journey for significance

"I am committed to this journey because I believe its important and worth my time. I believe that transformating sports in North America begins with servant leadership. So if your ready to take your family, team, and community to the next level, I'm here to help you make that happen."


Dan Williams, Founder

3 focus areas in our service offering


Enabeling you to do it yourself through training.


Learning together side by side to achieve results.


Multiply through mentoring.

Sports Serve is a crowdfunded nonprofit

Your support helps people everywhere florish and multiply on their journey in sport. Thank you!

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