I've heard it a thousand times...

When you walk alone it becomes a lot harder to win.

I've heard it a thousand times from missional entrepreneurs all across North America that they feel isolated, at a loss for new ideas and don't feel like they are making the impact they dream about. It bothers me because I remember how alone I felt for many years.

Don't stay trapped. You were made to make a difference and change your community for good.


In 1993 I began building sports leagues for The Salvation Army to help urban youth learn life lessons through sport. Today I want to help missional entrepreneur leaders win. Because if you win your community wins. Together let's dare to be great!

Dan Williams, President and Founder, Sports Serve


How does it work?

Three Easy Steps!

Assess Your Goals

Customize Your Strategy

Execute Your Strategy

Eight years ago I began my journey to discover what it means to be in full time sports ministry. I was introduced too Dan and asked him to be my mentor and coach. Dan has been an amazing person to celebrate my success with.

Roman, President, Revival Sport

Dare to be great!