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Your guide on your journey in sport.


We are here to partner to serve

Sports Serve is a non-profit organization that aims to serve the sports community, including coaches, athletes, families, and local leaders. We believe that sports can make a significant difference in our communities, and we are passionate about helping others discover this too. Our team has years of experience in coaching character development in sports, equipping families on their sports journey, and mentoring athletes to make disciples. We are committed to empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves both on and off the field.

a journey for significance

Since 1993, I have dedicated my life to supporting leaders of community sports in transforming their communities through the power of sport. I help them unleash the full potential of their organization or church through partnerships.


Dan Williams, Founder

by offering three areas of service:


The Trailhead


Intro to Disciple-Making Principles


Sports Leadership Training

Sports Serve is a crowdfunded nonprofit

Your support helps people everywhere florish and multiply on their journey in sport. Thank you!

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