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The Right Time

In John 7, Jesus says, "The right time for me has not yet come; for you anytime is right."

When I'm not busy, anytime is suitable for anything. The more active I am; however, my time becomes less controlled by me and controlled by those I'm on a mission for.

I'm always lamenting when asked to do something I want but can't because the time is not suitable for me. For the longest time, I struggled with this. It was a reflection of my leadership status. The higher my position, the greater my ability to move my schedule around how I wanted. But I had it all wrong.

To be a servant leader means that your time is not your own. You give it freely to those you serve. You go where your vision leads. You commit to what your mission asks you to commit to. But, unfortunately, more and more, you have to say to others, "It's not a good time right now." Or "The timing just doesn't work for me right now."

If you are a leader, this is why teams are so important. The time to meet is only going to be suitable for some. When you form a team of movers, not spectators, don't be discouraged when you say, "I'm not available then, meet without me, and I will contribute after receiving the notes." Or when someone else on the team says this to you and the rest of the team. As long as everyone on the team is moving, this should be the test. Everyone is moving at different times.

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