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Losing Is Everything

When I say you need to lose, I speak of your identity. Leadership is not authority. It is about accountability. It is not a position or title. But these elements are often identified as leadership.

As a leader, you need to hold yourself accountable for the mission. And for the mission to win, you must learn how to lead repeatedly. It would help if you constantly learned to lead in different ways. Becoming irrelevant in one arena and relevant again in another is the actual test of leadership.

Not a very popular leadership strategy. I am still looking for many books describing how best to fire yourself. Starting all over again in any shape or form sounds downright exhausting. And I'm not suggesting you jump to any of these conclusions. I would, however, indicate these leadership behaviors that I have found effective:

  1. You are constantly thinking and defining what can be or what should be.

  2. You can find someone who shares this vision for the future and can be your companion on your adventure.

  3. You see ways to test disruptive ideas in a hobby or another area of your life.

Having the freedom to innovate faith and work opens new discipleship thinking.

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