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Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential. Sports Serve has been developing resources for sports leaders since 1993. You can adapt and use these resources in any sport to enhance performance experience and outcomes. Sports Serve has been working with sports leaders across different sports and worldwide to develop resources to develop the whole person. As a result, Sports Serve has developed many partnerships with sports leaders worldwide.


Sports studies have shown participation in sports with positive experiences and outcomes, such as improved confidence and academic achievement. However, sports participation also can create negative experiences and effects, such as stress, burnout, dropout, and low self-esteem. 


The purpose of Sports Serve is to offer networking, training, and peer-to-peer learning because it more effectively impacts positively on personal development. Sports leaders that receive this training have higher rates of impact and changing lives in those they serve.

Sports Serve aims to mobilize sports leaders in the Great Commission, namely, the multiplication of disciples. Jesus demonstrated an approach to disciple-making that was relational. He invited His disciples to live with Him and learn from Him. Along the way, He taught them intentionally, modeled the Kingdom life, and equipped them as disciple-makers. As a result, their learning experience was rich, and Jesus transformed their lives.

The power of sport today is that it naturally creates these relational opportunities. The sports experience provides the space and time for the disciple-making process and journey. The success of Jesus' model has been proven and has led to the exponential growth of the worldwide church across the centuries. Today Sports Serve continues the process and multiplies His work in and through the vehicle of sport.

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